disko mama (diskofleshpot) wrote in club_alig,
disko mama

new michael alig article

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wait..is he out?
no the interview was done w/him from prison.
That kind of just depressed me. It rather made my hero (and he's NOT my hero for murdering Angel but for just being his fabulous self) look like a pathetic, old, washed up drug addict... which he is, but goodness....

I'm not ready for him to be THAT.
yeah, it kinda did..he seems so lonely and desperate to be loved. it is sad.
i deleted the negative comments cuz thats not what this site is about or this thread..sorry, but i've seen so much negativity and name calling on lj as of lately, its making me depressed and sad...
Aw this made me sad. I cant believe he got denied parole and now has to wait another 2 years. And just to think this could go on for another 10 years.

"Then there’s another kind of letter I get that really bothers me. They’re from kids who think it’s cool what I’ve done."

so true. i think SOME people in here like him in the wrong way.thinking that since he killed someone hes still fabulous . i hate him for that. but other things,hes greattttt
grr when is he geting out :)