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1. what is your name? 

2. where do you live? 

3. how old are you? 

4. what brought you here? 
    a simple michael alig search. i had a need to connect with fellow fans

5. why do you love Michael Alig and the Club Kids?
    I grew up as the resident "strange boy" in west hills California. i had a keen eye for fashion, and a desire to party my ass off. I grew up in the rave culture of the nineties, an orange haired candy kid. I gound out about Michael alig and his movement through a few ways. An aquaintance of mine introduced me to leigh bowery, and i was hooked. Then i got into heatherette. I did days loads of online research, and watched the films. I never looked back. I love their style, and the parties.

6. who is your favorite Club Kid?
    Amanda Lepore

7. list your top 3 favorite bands or singers.
    Culture Club
    Scissor Sisters
    Save Ferris
8. list your top 3 favorite movies.
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert
    Party Monster
    Romeo + Juliet
    Moulin Rouge
9. pick a song that best describes your life.
    Frank Sinatra - The Hacker

10. list 3 reasons why you are fabulous.
      Im a pro make up artist
      Im a drag culture fan
      Im The next Kevan Accoin

11. post some pictures of yourself behind a cut.

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