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Article about James St. James new novel, Freakshow

source: world of wonder

James St James' new book is getting a lot of buzz – and not just from James. Get ready to read about it from all sorts of quarters. James' old New York pal and confidante Michael Musto, of course, was a natural and he led his Village Voice column today talking with the author.

[Michael Musto's column]JAMES ST. JAMES never does the obvious. The sequins-for-blood party presence who found himself the best friend of spiraling club kid MICHAEL ALIG chronicled all that stuff in Disco Bloodbath, and now he wants to hang with reputable publishing types, not drooling dismemberers. He's entering the literary world with his next book, a novel called Freak Show, and it's actually for teens! Who happen to be drag queens! "It's a huge demographic out there," James assured me the other day by phone from L.A. "I get letters from 14-year-olds who go to school in drag in a Texas town. It's a whole new world!" To quote the immortal Bard himself, "Oh brave new world that has such teen drag queens in it."
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