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michael alig

1. what is your name? Sarah
2. where do you live? PA
3. how old are you? 15
4. what brought you here? My friend showed me Party Monster and I was intruigued.
5. why do you love Michael Alig and the Club Kids? They make me laugh and I love the fact taht they are themselves ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!
6. who is your favorite Club Kid? James St. James
7. list your top 3 favorite bands or singers.
Robots in Disguise
Bat for Lashes
8. list your top 3 favorite movies. 
Across the Universe
Empire Records
Dazed and Confused
9. pick a song that best describes your life. Love Reign O'er Me- Pearl Jam
10. list 3 reasons why you are fabulous.
I don't care what anyone else thinks.
I'm insane haha. 
I love most peoip
11. post some pictures of yourself behind a cut.
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