Adi Chaos (adichaos) wrote in club_alig,
Adi Chaos

Hey hey hey!

Hey! I've already joined this comm but it was on my other account so you can all deal with another intro, since I'm bored and since this comm is as dead as like i dunno Joan of arc.

1. what is your name? Adrienne!  You can total call me Adi, or anything else for that matter;)

2. where do you live? glasgow, It's a dump trust me!

3. how old are you? 19! nearly 20

4. what brought you here? Desparation? Nah, I love the club kid scene:)

5. why do you love Michael Alig and the Club Kids? Not so much Michael tbh, But The whole seen was just fantastic, don't ya think!?

6. who is your favorite Club Kid? Oh defo Miss Lepore or Richie Rich.  What cuties:):)

7. list your top 3 favorite bands or singers: Motley Crue, Buckcherry, and Murderdolls.(Its changes daily)

8. list your top 3 favorite movies. I really dont wanna say it but Party monster (duh), Kill Bill and Doll Master (at the moment)
9. pick a song that best describes your life.
Crazy bitch.
hahaha,  hmm maybe I don't know, I'm hard to describe.

10. list 3 reasons why you are fabulous.
1. my hair! it's actually just devine, I mean actual its huge, pink and it glows in UV.  jealous?  Yeah, thought so.
2. My dress sense, Its just ace, I get given free drinks in bars because of how i dress " Im the bar owener!  you really add a bit of color to my bar have a round on the house:)"
3. Guest listed to the max;)

11. post some pictures of yourself behind a cut.

LOL up side down, doin' my thang!
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