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i should be out! fuck monday's!

1. what is your name?
sterling thomas snow
2. where do you live?
seattle washington
3. how old are you?
wouln't you like to know...
4. what brought you here?
drunken boredom?
5. why do you love Michael Alig and the Club Kids?
i love the diy aspect of the movement. also the more real crazy you are the more fab you are...
6. who is your favorite Club Kid?
christina("have you met my invisible wife?") or amanda lepore(i love my trannies!)
7. list your top 3 favorite bands or singers.
shit,um, bowie, beyonce, rihanna(three is SO limiting!)
8. list your top 3 favorite movies.
auntie mame, 9 to 5, breakfast at tiffany's(again limiting!)
9. pick a song that best describes your life.
upgrade u-beyonce
10. list 3 reasons why you are fabulous.
i sneeze glitter, i eat your makeup, and i've got some shiny friends...
11. post some pictures of yourself behind a cut.

me as adam ant's bastard step-child...
i like to title this pic "let's play fag in the middle!"
(my friends be POPPING their lip gloss!)
and i know this isn't relivent(fuck if i can spell), but the boy i got a crush on:
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